Wheels of Light

wheels of light blog

Presenter: Anahata Tejasvi Moitra

Date & Time: Wednesday, 10th Feb, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Venue: The Rejuvenation Center, Anavaddo, Ximer, Candolim – Goa.

Organized By: The Rejuvenation Center

Description: Wheels of light within us, whirling for our highest good… theses are our chakras. Join Anahata Tejasvi Moitra, once a week for group chakra healing sessions.

Each week we will embark on a journey into the deepest realms within us and cleanse and balance our chakras in order to live a balanced and fulfilled life. We will also learn about each chakras as our session progress.

Fee: 500/- per session. Discounted to Rs.400 if one comes on all wednesdays of the month.

For registration or directions to the venue, please call Prati on 8007612383

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