Goan Heritage


Presenter: Felly Gomes

Date & Time: Wednesday 28th December, 8am to 11.30am

Venue: Happy Home / Lion’s Club, Opp. Paloti Institute, Assagao – Goa.

Organized By: NGO Live Happy


Live Happy is an NGO whose ethos derived from the importance of living a clean, happy & healthy lifestyle . It is involved in creating a model for sustainable development in the community of Assagao implementing social, environmental & economic projects to improve the quality of life in the community using available resources.

The simplest realizations in these modern times when stress, irritation, emotional run-downs come easily to us is, the basic need to be HAPPY. This is what we do by reconnecting you to the basic and forgotten simple pleasures of life that are woven in the fabric of local community.

Through its events it supports & revives local traditions and important places in Goa. Live Happy shows you why the revival of deteriorating aspects of village life are important for the future of community. And all of this amidst a lot of recreation, fun and laughter!

So this Friday in the ASSAGAO HERITAGE WALK:
Felly Gomes will take you on a leisurely 4 km walk through the interesting and important places in Village Assagao explaining their history and the stories which shares the culture and tradition of Goa.

Here’s some basic information of Assagao:
5420 yards in length and 2120 yard in breadth, in other words 9.640 sq.km or 96,40,500 sqmtrs.
KATOR 18 ft tall structure made of literate rocks, resembles tailor’s scissors, mystical, miracle, thousand years old.

ASSAGAO is comprised of thirteen wards – Valle, Bairro Alto, Mazalvaddo, Socolvaddo,Mardungo, Munong, Sonarkhed, Temba, Dossoxir, Boutavaddo, Khursavaddo, Sauntavaddo and Gonguerem

People of Assagao always love flowers and Assagao is called Fulacho Gav – Valley of Flowers. Earlier days Communidade land was reserved for flower growing called fullamchomollo. Assagao is comprise of 13 wards, 7 mineral rich springs. Most of the important places in Assagao are named in seven letter word. ASSAGAO it self is 7 letter word what makes it important is 7 is the important number in the yogic knowledge as there are 7 important junction of body (CHAKRA). So we share knowledge about Assagao as a spiritual and mystical place that onr needs to Preserve Protect and Restore its Environment.

Fee: Suggested contribution Rs. 500/- opening offer.

To know more about our projects Live Healthy, Live Clean, Live Organic, Live Green, Live Live Empowered & Live Equal, please get in touch with LIVE HAPPY on their page http://www.facebook.com/WeAreLiveHappy

Facebook Event Link http://www.facebook.com/events/406032199728687

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