Goenchi Mati Movement


Presenter: Roxanne Coutinho from Goa Foundation

Date & Time: Saturday, 9th Oct’16, from 6 pm to 7 pm

Venue: Saraya ArtSpace & Eco Resort, next to Freedom Tree, CHOGM Road, Sangolda. Ph: 8888926811

Organized By: Goa Foundation, The World United Goa & Saraya


Goenchi Mati Movement is a people’s social justice initiative started in Goa by Goa Foundation. The vision for this movement is to propose a sustainable, equitable solution that addresses the economical, social, environmental ills caused by unregulated and rampant mining, that not only plagues Goa but also other areas across the country.

This proposal is based on the following principles:

1) Minerals are our ‘Commons’ and belong to all of us equally. The State Government is merely a trustee for the same.

2) As we have inherited the minerals, we in turn our custodians of this inherited wealth and must pass them on to future generations.

3) Therefore if we sell our minerals we must not have any loss and get the full value for it, otherwise we are cheating our children.

4) Everything received by the state government from selling our mineral wealth should be deposited into a Permanent Fund also a part of commons and to be passed on to future generations.

5) As we own the Permanent Fund in common, any real income generated by the Permanent Fund should only be distributed equally to all as a right of ownership. This is a commons dividend like the communidade zonn or a Citizen’s Dividend.

Goa Foundation will be approaching necessary political parties before the upcoming elections and request the people to vote for those individuals that sigh the pledge to implement the above proposal. In this view we would like to reach out to as many Goans as we can and get the support to stop the theft of our common Future.

So please come for this meet if you want to save Goa from destruction and if you are keen on creating something good for the future of your children.

Thank You!

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