Meet 11 – 3rd Sep’16


Presenter: Community

Date & Time: Saturday, 3rd Sep’16, from 4 pm to 6 pm

Venue: The Rejuvenation Center, H.No.1175, Anavaddo, Candolim, Ximer, Bardez, Goa. Ph: 8888409687

Organized By: The World United Goa


This was The World United Goa’s 11th session of ‘Save our Environment in Goa’.

Last Saturday in our Environmental Meet at The Rejuvenation Center in Candolim, with Aparna Paylekar (President of All Goa Unfunded Schools Association), we decided the best way to do the garbage and environment movement through schools is to make a 1/2 impactful movie with snapshots, videos and narrations of the problems and the solutions that will go to every school to be played and relayed to others. Basically anyone can share the movie with anyone.

The above instead of us giving talks or making presentations at various schools over a time period of 6 months or more regarding the problems and the solutions. It takes many people and a lot of efforts to do so.

Making a movie could be just a month’s work with pics, video clips and narrations, teaching lessons of before & after, and drawing out the flow of cause and effect and impact of the entire scenario, while giving on the spot solutions that people can implement.

The first step in this began with Sonu Dabral speaking to the principal of Aardee School (Kripa 9822480006) in Sangolda and they are already having a program they teach children in school about garbage & environment. Movies are shown. She is meeting with her again on 12th Sep. We should post it on our group so others interested may join her.

Now she will also speak to Sunshine School in Old Goa (CBSC), about… the educational & practical activities they do in their school with regards to this. It will be taken as an input for our movie project.

Now we need someone to volunteer to speak to these schools as well… Blooming Buds in Calangute, Green Meadows in Parra, Rose Garden in Porvorim, Little Penguins in Panjim, Gyan Vikas in Porvorim and any other schools some of us here may have access to… to get more inputs for our movie We can have more than one volunteer and the number of schools we approach can be divided between volunteers.

After 15 days we should have a grand meet with all the inputs and formulate the flow of the movie. At this meet we will put out to all of you what we need… pics / videos etc of certain things that people can even make of their neighbourhood or themselves. So this can happen fast if we all work as a team.

Movies followed up by action plan on lessons from the movies. Different groups can take up different lessons from the movie and later present the actions. Plays in school public days. Photo competition of garbage. Kids to click small videos of doing the wrong thing and doing the right thing. Teaching content: Results of mixed garbage, results of garbage segregation and benefits.

Actually we need a project head to co-ordinate all of this. Anyone interested in taking this up?? 😅 it’s going to be great and powerful work… you already know this!

After we collect all the content, we can make the movie in 15 days and have it ready to go out to about 300 schools!! So how about that for impact ?? and it does not have to stop there…

So first things first! Who is up for this project head role?
Who will talk to the schools for their inputs? We will give you the questions to be asked in this Saturday’s Environmental Meet at The Rejuvenation Center in Candolim from 4pm to 6pm.

If you’re passionate about this topic or doing some work on it already, please do come to our next meet on 10th Sep at The Rejuvenation Center in Candolim, from 4pm to 6pm and help with the effort.

If you have some ideas that you would like to share, you can also write them down in the comments section on this page!

Thank You!

Call 8888409687 for further details.

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