Meet 6 – 4th Jun’16

Presenter: Community

Date & Time: Saturday, 4th Jun’16, from 4 pm to 6 pm

Venue: Saraya Eco Resort, next to Freedom Tree, CHOGM Road, Sangolda. Ph: 8888926811

Organized By: The World United Goa


Welcome to The World United Goa’s 6th session of ‘Save our Environment in Goa’.

In this 6th meet we will work on our project – Education programs for Pollution Control. If you’re passionate about this topic or doing some work on it already, please do come and help with the effort.

Thank You!

Call 8888409687 for further details.

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The Minutes for this Meeting were as follows:

The problem of Pollution & Garbage in Goa is not just that of it being there and an action plan of how to deal with it, but a larger problem of why it is being generated, and then what efforts can be made at various stages to lessen the garbage. Following are the areas of this supply chain and actions that should be taken:

The point of origin (choices by people): 

  1. All packaged food products
  2. Bottled drinking water
  3. Soft drinks in plastic bottles
  4. Toiletries & Cosmetics
  5. Plastic carry bags from retailers
  6. Thermocol & plastic cups, spoon, plates.
  7. Synthetic diapers & sanitary pads

Education has to be given to people of how to reduce the use of all the above by explaining to them the personal health hazards of many of these choices and at the same time giving them alternatives.

Content of education on pollution:

  1. Articles and documentaries on hazards of pollution
  2. Photographs of pollution
  3. Posters & Placards
  4. Shock Value
  5. Facts & Figures of pollution levels in different parts of the city
  6. Evidence of people making efforts to reduce pollution
  7. Education on the health hazards of packaged food products and drinking from plastic bottles.
  8. Education on the amount of crude oil being extracted to make petroleum products for packaged food containers.

The above education is vital for people to understand their involvement in the problem and how it can be mitigated by their own personal actions and choices.

Places where education on pollution can be given:

  1. Movie Halls, Public Parks
  2. GTDC, Municipality
  3. Corporates Health programs
  4. Tourist Spots
  5. Medical Institutions, hospitals, chemists
  6. Residential Societies
  7. Schools
  8. Social Clubs
  9. Religious Institutions
  10. Market Spaces, Malls
  11. Elevators
  12. Market Spaces
  13. Flash Mobs

The above education is vital for people to understand their involvement in the problem and how it can be mitigated by their own personal actions and choices.

Legal actions against pollution:

  1. Movement by the people to enforce a ban on use of plastic bags etc.
  2. India Climate change pact to be enforced on dept. of Pollution free through PIL
  3. Levying fines for Littering
  4. Enforce garbage segregation at pick up points
  5. Enforce Garbage pick up at Panchayat Level
  6. Enforce Garbage Treatments plants at Taluka Level

In many cases, just educating people is not enough as many don’t care about resolving the problem. Therefore legal actions like bans on the use of packaging options where natural options are available is a must.

Actions on dealing with pollution & garbage once it’s there:

  1. Distribution of Food Left Overs
  2. Jumble Sale
  3. Giving away unused medicines
  4. Pollution & Garbage Recycling

There are many options in the garbage recycling effort, so we will call for another meet where we can all work on it specifically.

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