Meet 5 – 28th May’16

Presenter: Community

Date & Time: Saturday, 28th May’16, from 4 pm to 6 pm

Venue: Saraya Eco Resort, next to Freedom Tree, CHOGM Road, Sangolda. Ph: 8888926811

Organized By: The World United Goa


Welcome to The World United Goa’s 5th session of ‘Save our Environment in Goa’.

In this 5th meet we will work on our project – Making task lists & strategies to prepare for each Seasonal Change in Goa.

We will also give some update time for the topic of our last meet – How can we help Farmers grow Organic & Seasonal Food in Goa, so participants of that meet are requested to show up too, so we can go ahead with some actions on it. People who missed that meet are also welcome if they’d like to chip in this time on that topic.

If you’re passionate about these topics or doing some work on them already, please do come and help with the effort.

Thank You!

Call 8888409687 for further details.

Facebook Event Link:

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