Meet 4 – 14th May’16

Presenter: Community

Date & Time: Sunday, 14th May’16, from 4 pm to 6 pm

Venue: Saraya Eco Resort, next to Freedom Tree, CHOGM Road, Sangolda. Ph: 8888926811

Organized By: The World United Goa


Welcome to The World United Goa’s 4th session of ‘Save our Environment in Goa’.

Please visit for details & results of our previous meets.

In this 4th meet we will be working on details of our project – How can we help Farmers grow Organic & Seasonal Food in Goa

If you’re passionate about this topic or doing some work on it already, please do come and help with the effort. More and more cultivable land in Goa is being lost to construction, and this is not only causing a depletion in the ground water table, but also heating up Goa, and giving rise to the non-availability of local organic vegetable produce.

Thank You!

Call 8888409687 for further details.

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The Minutes for this Meeting were as follows:

How can we help farmers grow organic and seasonal food in Goa ?

  1. Grow local and seasonal vegetables instead of paddy which is cheap.
  2. Get Labour support from locals.
  3. Provide organic/ natural farming enterprise/permaculture design/ eco living advice to local farmers.
  4. Assuring consumption by publicizing availability of fresh organic veges in the locality.
  5. Hosting farmers market at the fields, so that farmers get full price.
  6. Involving children and incorporating food growing in the school curriculum.

Vaishali – would like to see seasonal organic food in the market. She saw farmers burning land and does not know how to stop it. Wanted to know how to help in this issue. When she asked them why were they burning they said for fertilizer. The burning of the field actually kills the larvae and good microbes. Burning if one must should be done at a particular time says Peter.

Minakshi – would like to see farmers and their children farming and that farming is economically viable. Imparting education to the farmers.

Neeru – believes in  community farming. Conflict of stakeholders with workers. Farmers have different issues and different way of farming from place to place. We need to talk to farmers instead of non- farmers.  To get organic farming going the process should be organic too. Have a meeting under a tree. To be more humble and exchange views. She is concerned about farming and feels the economics need to be worked out. Topographic sensitive farming. Goa has low lying land and high lands. In low lying lands paddy is the best. In the high land fruits and veg. Recycling of seed with the farmers. As she did. She went to the farmer with fruit seeds she had been collecting and he was happy to take them and re-plant.

Rose – passionate of growing organic food. Annoyed with the quality of dyed brown bread as compared to the authentic brown bread.

Darryl – promotes theme of healthy food and is a source of creating awareness among people about eating organic food thus creating a demand and market for it.  Has found farmers near his house who are willing to allow him to grow organic food. Would like to see the land that is just lying around to be farmed. Enhancing the structure of power – money flow. The old structure exist where farming is designed to make farmers a slave and in the back ground. To bring the voice and opinion of the farmers in the fore front. Offer models that work and give solutions and components for organic farming.

Peter – education? Farmers do not want their children to farm because they are treated badly. Questioning education. The farmers feel that why should their children farm what is lacking that the kids need to get into farming?

Darryl – Joint collaboration is needed.

Anastasya – We need farmers?? By saying we, we are already dividing ourselves.  We  are separating ourselves from the farmers. Do we have the right to educate the farmers? Should we be educating them?

Jocel – would like to learn  more about organic farming and composting.

Heidi – just moved to Goa and is interested in sustainable life style. Done alternative therapy, interested in growing organic farming. Would like to live organically and that’s why she is here. Has no idea of organic farming. Knows about community living. Her contribution towards organic farming is she is willing to buy and get buyers.

Peter – intent to educate , develop growing practises that work. Tried and tested works logistically and commercially. Looking at govt initiatives of growing flowers. Against over supply. We keep going to cash crop. Grows own veg in 200 sqmt which is sufficient for personal use. Is interested in developing methods and practises that work and offer them. People can only feed themselves in the 200 sqmt. incase of selling produce larger land is required.

Prashant  – Is from margaon and is in tourism. Interested in kitchen garden and farming. How can we sustain organic farming? Looking at   questions farmers have in mind .  farmers believe that fertilizers are good for the growth – so how can we change the farmers to grow organic? We need to learn and imbibe  old knowledge from the local famers.

Anthony – used to grow plants when in school. He realised other people’s dreams and now would like pursue his own. Peter was a great support and mentor for him. His land was rocky . Peter advised him that 4 people could eat out of this rocky land. Through Peter he realised it is time to begin. He found out that farmers take broken tiles and put them in the field to make gado.  Wants to learn more to prevent all this.  Looking at recycling water.

Peter – farmers don’t know best. Organic food is not costly, and if that is happening something is wrong in their method.

Darryl – creating a demand by educating people.

Neeru – agriculture is not a part of school education and it should be.

Peter – we all use to grow something or the other at home like curry pata tree.

Mathias  – came late – feels organic farming is expensive

Group discussions –


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