Meet 3 – 7th May’16

Presenter: Community

Date & Time: Sunday, 7th May’16, from 4 pm to 6 pm

Venue: Saraya Eco Resort, next to Freedom Tree, CHOGM Road, Sangolda. Ph: 8888926811

Organized By: The World United Goa


Welcome to The World United Goa’s 3rd session of ‘Save our Environment in Goa’.

The 1st two sessions saw the coming together of people and NGOs who are interested in saving Goa’s environment from different angles, that are tied into their ongoing work or projects.

The Climate Change persective is viewed in all of this so that people become more aware of how to campaign for Climate Change as well as allign their projects to its perspective.

The 2nd session saw the following campaigns / projects being discussed and their action points being put down:

1) How can we help Farmers grow Organic & Seasonal Food in Goa
2) How can we promote Goa as a destination for Health & Healing
3) Building a bridge between citizen’s and the govt for Policy Change
4) Education programs for Pollution Control
5) Making task lists & strategies to prepare for each Seasonal Change in Goa

The details of the above are being uploaded to

Out of the above 5 projects, we have decided to take up the 2nd one in full detail in this Saturday’s meet as there is a proposal file going to Goa Tourism Development Corporation on Monday, 9th May for consideration and we are getting a chance to put forward our proposal in it.

So people who are interested in this topic of making Goa a place for wellness, and promoting sustainable village tourism, are most welcome to this meet to give their inputs. These projects not only give the local people livelihood, but also regenerate the land and entire ecosystem, and give the place a good name.

So if you would like to be part of this effort, please show up for this meet. Thanks!

Details of the 1st meet have been put up so that one can go through them.

Call 8888409687 for further details.

Facebook Event

The proposal that was finalized on 9th May’16, from all the participants inputs in this meeting and previous meetings is detailed in the document below that will be forwarded by Rudolph Kammarmei to GTDC on 10th May’16. We will then wait for the response from GTDC. All points expressed in the meets could not be included in this document as some points were on the action plan and at this stage the proposal is only a concept note and a request for grant for the project.





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