Environmental Meets


This is a platform where environmentalists, food growers, permaculturists, healers, scientists, clean energy activists and people who are actively working towards keeping Goa clean and healthy and conserving its natural resources for the welfare of the public. This larger movement ties into the global issue of Climate Change.

Our effort will be towards chalking out a master plan of how each individual / group / NGO can tie into one unified and networked structure of making a team that will be capable of tackling Goa’s environmental problems at different levels of society, and thereby impacting the global issue of Climate Change.

During our meets, participants will present successful environmental models that work, and we look forward to the comments, suggestions and collaborations of all interested people.

The details of each of our meets are given in subpages of this tab, which you can also see on the right of this page as Meets 1 to 9. Do get in touch with us on 9821758877 to join us for the next upcoming meet if you care about the environment in Goa, and are serious about doing something for it.

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