EKM in Assagao

Earth Keepers Market at Dona Paula

Presenter: The World United Goa

Date & Time: Sunday, 14th Jan’18, from 10 am to 12:30 pm

Venue: Shala 142, Assagao, Next to Purple Valley Yoga Center. Ph: 9821138131

Organized By: Earth Keepers Goa & Shalla 142


This is a market set up by members of Earth Keepers Goa & Shalla 142, to build community awareness & togetherness through an exchange of knowledge & ideas about an organic way of life that promotes personal wellness and wellness in society and care for Mother Earth.

This will be a monthly event on the 2nd Sunday of every month at the above venue. Expect to find counters that will have on sale, fresh organic vegetables & fruits, seedlings, saplings, fresh food, fresh juices, cold pressed coconut oil, organic brown rice, recycled products made by underprivileged women & children, quilled products, safe household cleaning agents, herbal products like body soaps, healing herbal teas, healing oils, massage oils & local cottage industry products.

Some of the theme promoters will speak on different topics related to an organic way of life. Expect to also find a couple of healing counters that offer you detox therapies, energetic healing & cleansing, angel card divination, flower remedies, healing crystals, malas, and acupressure body diagnosis & healing.

So don’t miss joining us for this fun-filled and interesting evening and kindly share this event with your friends and support this growing community of people helping people!

For details of the event or directions to the venue, please call 9820605092

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