Earth Keepers Markets

Earth Keepers Market at Dona Paula

Presenter: The World United Goa

Date & Time: Sunday, 28th Feb, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Venue: Saraya ArtSpace & Eco Resort, next to Freedom Tree, CHOGM Road, Sangolda.

Organized By: The World United – Goa

Description: This is a market set up by members of The World United Goa and Saraya Artspace & Eco Resort, to build community awareness & togetherness through an exchange of knowledge & ideas about an organic way of life that promotes personal wellness and wellness in society. The larger emphasis is to heal our environment and Mother Earth… a task of great importance now.

This will be a monthly event on the last Sunday of every month at the above venue. Expect to find counters that will have on sale, fresh organic vegetables & fruits, seedlings, saplings, fresh food, fresh juices, cold pressed coconut oil, organic brown rice, recycled products made by underprivileged women & children, quilled products, safe household cleaning agents, herbal products like body soaps, healing herbal teas, healing oils, massage oils & local cottage industry products.

Some of the theme promoters will speak on different topics related to an organic way of life. Expect to also find a couple of healing counters that offer you detox therapies, energetic healing & cleansing, angel card divination, flower remedies, healing crystals, malas, and acupressure body diagnosis & healing.

So don’t miss joining us for this fun-filled and interesting evening and kindly share this event with your friends and support this growing community of people helping people!

We could break out into some singing & dancing at 7pm… so be forewarned!

For details of the event or directions to the venue, please call 8888409687.



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