Assagao Health Camp

Live Happily

Presenter: NGO LIVE HAPPY & The World United – Doctors’ & Healers’ Association

Date & Time: Saturday, 2nd Jan’16, from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Venue: Happy Home / Lion’s Club, Assagao, Opp Paloti Institute. Ph: 9960188801

Organized By: NGO LIVE HAPPY

Description: This program has been specially setup for the people of Assagao!

It is part of NGO LIVE HAPPY’s commitment towards the village and the people of Assagao, and it is being done to help them live cleaner, healthier, more productive, and therefore… HAPPIER LIVES!

This FREE program will consist of 2 hr educational classes every Saturday from 4pm to 6pm, starting from 5th Dec’15 and will continue for a period of 3 months. It is being done by NGO LIVE HAPPY, with the help of The World United – Doctors’ & Healers’ Association.

It consists of natural integrated components of healthy diet, healthy habits, healing herbs, natural detox therapy, acupressure healing, yoga, counseling, stress management and exercise. It helps cure chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, obesity, high / low bp, acidity, constipation, toxicity, migraine, backache, cholesterol, thyroid malfunction, chronic fatigue, asthma, heart disease, kidney disease, hormonal imbalance, skin problems, cancer and many more, the natural way!… which means, without medicines!

The schedule for the health program at Happy Home, Assagao will be as follows:

Date ————- Program Contents

Saturday, 5th Dec’15 – Causes & Cure of illness + Basic practice of Yoga for Healing

Saturday, 12th Dec’15 – Diet changes for Curing Illness + Handling Anxiety & Stress

Saturday, 19th Dec’15 – Yogic practices for curing specific diseases + Meditation Class

Saturday, 2nd Jan’16 – Healthy Habits for better digestion + Handling Anger & Grief

Saturday, 9th Jan’16 – Internal Organ Detox Therapy + Yogic Cleansing Methods

Whether Young or Old… Healthy or Un-healthy… Happy or Un-happy… ALL are Welcome!

Further dates and program details will be given to all who are part of the program. This is a continuous learning program; therefore do not miss classes in between.

So don’t miss this great opportunity of joining the program and cure yourself and your family of illness. Let us make Assagao a village free of illness and suffering.

Thank You !!

Felly Gomes

(President) NGO LIVE HAPPY

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